From December, 2012

Black and White Photography Magazine Portraiture Workshop

Earlier in the year Black and White Photography Magazine invited 5 readers to come to their offices in Lewes to attend a portraiture day. In attendance was Tim Clinch a columnist for the magazine as well as the three editors of the magazine. It was great to have the day to discuss portraiture especially in the company of experts. It was a real eye opener hearing their thoughts and what makes a shot work and how a shot becomes worthy of being a cover photo! The workshop gave us the chance to try out different things and learn some…

Balfour Beatty Workshop London

I love London so I was chuffed to be asked to cover a recent Balfour Beatty sustainability workshop on the South Bank. One of the things I love about photography is that it requires you to be as invisible as possible on some occasions and at other times to fully engage with people – both of which appeal to my personality. On this occasion it was the former and so whilst documenting the day I was able to blend into the background and take in the various characters and watch people interact with each other as well as get an…

As per the Balfour Beatty post above I couldn’t resist taking a few shots around London.

Whitehead Family Shoot

With around 300 people crammed into Chris and Judi’s front room last Sunday it was a bit of a challenge to find some space to actually take some photos! But everyone was up for having their photo taken with a great mixture of young and old in what has to be one of the most welcoming houses in Crookes. Finished in time for Crookes Carols where the great family vibe continued…. “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….”