From July, 2013

The Wedding of Jason and Miranda (sneak preview)

This was a great wedding. Temperatures in the high 20’s, about 12 people trying to get ready in one room before the ceremony at one point, horses, a lovely church and a great set of family and friends. Not to mention Jason and Miranda and their five ace kids! In the interests of honesty it was a bit more relaxed where Miranda was getting compared to where Jason was getting ready but then again that might have been to do with the glasses of champagne Miranda’s mum was offering to everyone. This was a really special day and hopefully the…

Brand Booster Portraits

Here are some more portraits from the current brand boosting course. People are literally travelling from all around the country to attend these courses run in Sheffield As ever the aim with these simple portraits is to capture people naturally and to give them a profile shot that can help with the presentation of their business.

Tipple Tails Fruit Cake

This is probably the best fruit cake I have ever tasted!! I recently met the lovely Jane Stammers (head cook, bottle washer and founder!) and we organised a photo shoot. Below are a handful of the shots of the sumptuous home made cakes as well as a portrait of Jane herself in the Wadsley Hall Farm kitchen. If you’re interested in ordering a treat for yourself or an original gift have a look at