From January, 2014

Ian Britt – Photoshoot

I recently had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with Ian Britt – having met him whilst photographing his sister’s wedding a few months back. Super talented Sheffield singer song writer! Check out, search Ian Britt on Spotify or buy tunes here . If you get the chance definitely try The Shape of Us (as featured on hit US TV show Parenthood) and Flutterby.

The Wedding of Will and Lucy – Sneak Preview

What a great pleasure to photograph the marriage of my niece Lucy to Will on New Years Eve. I have been baby sitting Lucy (and her three sisters) pretty much since day one – nappies, tantrums, dancing competitions, treasure hunts and now she’s married! Will and Lucy compliment each other so well. Their wedding day was epic with 230 plus guests coming from all over the country and by midnight the bar nearly run dry! As Will and Lucy head off into the Kenyan sunset here are a few images from their day….