From August, 2016

Bishop Steven’s Farewell Service

I had the privilege of being asked to document the Bishop of Sheffield’s leaving service at Sheffield Cathedral a couple of weeks ago. Part of the challenge was to create a huge group portrait with the bishop and his wife stood together with the whole cathedral congregation at the end of the service. I thought this…

Gerry’s Bakery Royal Maundy

I have a mini exhibition at the finest bakery in Sheffield – Gerry’s on South Road in Walkley. If you live locally please check out his superb wholesome, tasty bread, warm welcome and a handful of prints showing the queen’s Royal Maundy visit to Sheffield Cathedral last year.

The Wedding of Adam and Liz – Sneak Preview

The lovely Adam and Liz got married in front of a packed church at Poynton in Cheshire. Following the service (once the wedding car had had a push) they headed off to the lovely Deanwater Hotel. Here is a sneak preview of their wedding day photographs….


Going to my first football match, aged seven (at Meadow Lane) I couldn’t believe the experience. On approaching the stadium the sound of thousands of people singing inside took my breath away. And the pace of the game, the passion, the anger, the joy, the highs, the lows – it opened a new world for me.…