Bishop Pete Unveiled

From a photographic perspective I love this sort of work. I get a simple brief to capture an interesting day as it unfolds – no posing, setting up, giving instructions – just observing and endeavoring to tell a story – by far my favourite kind of brief. The only downside is having little control over the light – yellowy indoor light vs beautiful natural light can be profoundly different/challenging. Take for example the last shot of this set of images  – the image comes alive because of the light – making the photographer’s job much easier! This was a grabbed shot and literally my last photo of the day.

It’s also a privilege to be around so many lovely people and to be a first hand witness to such an uplifting event. Bishop Pete was warm, gracious, inspiring and passionate about the job ahead. The best of luck to him as he starts his new role in the months ahead.

Bishop Pete-01 Bishop Pete-02 Bishop Pete-03 Bishop Pete-05 Bishop Pete-06 Bishop Pete-07 Bishop Pete-08 Bishop Pete-09 Bishop Pete-10 Bishop Pete-11 Bishop Pete-12 Bishop Pete-13

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